Friday, 24 January 2014

BLUE MONDAY - photos


The MART, 190a Rathmines Road Lower Dublin, Ireland
Exhibition runs 20th Jan – 2nd Feb. Open 1-7pm Daily.

Curated by El Putnam

Artists: Kajsa Bäckström, Liam Campbell, Mary Cooke, Derville Conroy, Justyna Gruszczyk, Anthony Kelly, Helen MacMahon, Rosalind Murray, Rime Otilla Qvale, EL Putnam, Sarah Rado, David Stalling

General view of the exhibition
My work HAPINESS, GOODNESS, PLEASURES on the plinth,
photos by Derville Conroy at the background
View of the exhibition through Mary Cooke's sculpture
Beautiful piece by Helen MacMahon
Another beautiful piece by Helen MacMahon
Helen MacMahon's work in action

Sunday, 19 January 2014


My work HAPINESS, GOODNESS, PLEASURES will be a part of the exhibition BLUE MONDAY at The MART.

Instead of using art as a means of amplifying the miseries of life, this exhibition seeks out the beautiful in the little moments of everyday life. Inspired by Arthur Schopenhauer’s notion that art provides relief from the incessant suffering of life, works included in this exhibit are meant to offer respite from an art scene obsessed with its own misery. Taking place during what some argue is the most miserable time of the year, this exhibition will showcase multi-media works that explore themes of beauty, happiness, serenity, and other expressions intending to provide relief from life’s hardships.

EL Putnam

Kajsa Bäckström | Liam Campbell | Mary Cooke | Derville Conroy | Justyna Gruszczyk |Anthony Kelly | Helen MacMahon | Rosalind Murray | Rime Otilla Qvale | EL Putnam | Sarah Rado | David Stalling

Exhibition Opens on Blue Monday 20th January 2014 @ 6pm.
Runs 20th Jan – 2nd Feb. Open 1-7pm Daily.

Location: The Mart, 190a Rathmines Road Lower Dublin,Ireland

Thursday, 2 January 2014

HAPPINESS, GOODNESS, PLEASURES - call for participants

I am looking for persons who would like to share their moments of happiness thus contributing to my project to create a conceptual artwork.

Participant's manual:
Describe every moment of your day when you experienced happiness, goodness or pleasure. Write what happened to you and how you felt. Do this every day during a week. Try to be as honest as possible. After the week send your descriptions to me:
If it is easier for you, you can send one short e-mail every day. The texts will be used anonymously to create a conceptual artwork about happiness.

The work will be exhibited in Dublin in the end of January.