Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Last day of 'Keep Both Feet on the Ground' exhibition in Tarnów / Ostatni dzień "Mocnego stąpania po ziemi" w Tarnowie

[Zjedź w dół do wersji polskiej]

Today is the last day to see the 'Keep Both Feet on the Ground' exhibition in Tarnów. I am showing a conceptual work ACAPULCO:

'Acapulco' consists on aromatising with coconut fragrance and sweetening large amount of snow. The snow has to be perfectly clean. The best place for the project is a public place connected with relaxation – public garden or children's playground.
The project is a cunning realisation of the dream of escape to hot, exotic places in the middle of winter. In spite of contrast of cold and hot, we can recognize it as something well known – coconut ice cream.
Dziś ostatni dzień "Mocnego stąpania po ziemi' w BWA w Tarnowie, gdzie pokazuję konceptualną pracę "Acapulco" (na zdjęciu powyżej).